Thursday, November 11, 2010

Entertainment at Fire and Ice

This week, we checked out Fire and Ice in Downtown Boston for you. You´ll see an amazing entertaining show by the cook chefs: this restaurant cooks your food in front of your eyes. Watch our video to get a first impression of this place.

How it works: Go to the marketplace which offers a broad choice of food. Create your own food in an interactive environment. Choose your desired sauce. Go to the grill in the middle of the dining room and watch how it will be cooked in front of your eyes.

Since you can choose all your vegetables, meat, fish and other food separately, this restaurant is also very appropriate for vegetarians, vegans and people with other nutritional or dietary needs.

The food was really delicious. Especially in a group it´s really nice to go there. You´ll switch your neighbors all the time and will have nice conversations and fun by walking around to choose your food. This place is definitely tasty and very entertaining.

An insider tip: Every monday is student night and students pay only $9.95 if they show their valid college ID.

This restaurant is also located in Boston, Cambridge and Providence in New England. Find your closest restaurant, take your friends and check it out.

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  1. I agree Karin, This place is amazing.

  2. Where abouts in boston is it?

  3. The Boston one is on Berkley St in the Back Bay and the Cambridge one is on Church St in Harvard Square.

  4. Anonymous11/16/2010

    Great Post Karin! Definitely check out the student night discount.